How to Ask for Cash Instead of Gifts

By Sara Margulis, CEO & Founder

Not sure how to chat with your wedding guests about preferring cash over traditional gifts? Worried that asking for cash is tacky? Don't stress! We've got all the etiquette info you need to tastefully ask for cash instead of gifts.

Be Specific About How You Will Spend the Money

The easiest and most effective way to receive cash instead of gifts, without giving the impression that "money matters most," is to create a Honeyfund registry. With your registry, you're able to express your dreams and explain how your guests' contributions will help achieve them. Your Honeyfund registry allows you to register for specific items for your guests to choose from, like accommodations, home renovations, or romantic date nights. When your guests purchase these items, their contributions are converted into cash in your Honeyfund account. You get the flexibility of cash, and your guests get the satisfaction of knowing they've gifted you something truly special!

Need a little inspo for your registry? Check out our Starter Registries to spark some ideas.

Be Upfront About Your Decision

Your loved ones want to contribute to your happiness, so it's important to explain your choice. Maybe you're saving for a house, planning the trip of a lifetime, or just appreciate the flexibility that cash gifts offer. Whatever your reason, share it with them. Your sincere explanation will connect with your guests, helping them understand and support your choices.

Don't Mention It — Wait to be Asked

Communicate your preferences for cash gifts subtly but clearly. You can make your wishes known through your wedding website, invitations, or by asking your bridal party to spread the word about your registry wishes. The key is to make it easy for your guests to understand why you prefer cash and how they can contribute via Honeyfund.

Make sure to add a section to your wedding website specifically for your registry choices. Here, guests can see your choice and easily make their contributions. A friendly note to your guests can also help them understand your wishes.

Let your immediate family, friends, and wedding party known about your preference for cash gifts. They're the ones others will likely ask, so keeping them informed will help spread the word.

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

Each gift is a token of love and support, no matter its size. Show genuine appreciation by sending personalized thank-you notes, expressing how their gift is bringing you closer to your dreams. Let them know the meaningful impact of their generosity.

Create Your Cash Registry Today

Still haven't created your registry? No problem! Build your registry, design a gorgeous page, and share with family and friends in a matter of minutes. Register for anything you can dream of — seriously! Whether it's a honeymoon, buying a home, or saving for the future, Honeyfund can make it happen, with zero fees. Don't wait — sign up today and start planning your dream registry now! Your guests will thank you for it!

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