Wedding Registry Etiquette for Couples: Essential Tips & Mistakes To Avoid

By Sara Margulis, CEO & Founder

Creating your wedding registry can be both exciting and a bit of a puzzle, but we’ve got your back! As you start working on your registry, you might have questions like “What should we include?” or “How many gifts are appropriate?" Thankfully, navigating wedding registry etiquette is simpler than you think. We've compiled some top tips and common mistakes to avoid, ensuring your registry experience is smooth, stress-free–and even fun!

Wedding Registry Etiquette: Crafting Your Perfect Registry

1. Think about what sparks joy for you as a couple.

Guests want to gift you things that will enhance your newlywed life. Think of items for your shared home, experiences you'll share, or funds for your dream honeymoon. Before you dive in, assess what you already have to ensure your registry is both meaningful and practical.

2. Give guests a lot of choices!

From honeymoon adventures to chic home goods, aim to include a wide range of options, ideally priced from $10 to $200. This guarantees that your guests have choices that fit their budgets. Don't forget to get creative! Research shows that the more unique the registry items, the more likely your guests are to contribute to them! See our Sample Registries for inspiration.

3. Refresh your registry regularly.

As your big day approaches and guests start purchasing gifts off your registry, it is important to add new items. This ensures there's always a variety of gifts left for guests to consider. This is also an excellent opportunity to collaborate with your partner to make sure your registry reflects both your desires and needs.

How To Share Your Registry The Right Way

1. Link your registry on your wedding website

Sites like Honeyfund have become the go-to for sharing wedding details — registry included! It's super convenient since your guests are likely visiting your site for information about your day.

2. Include a registry card with your invitations.

While old-school registry etiquette might shy away from mentioning your registry directly on your invitation, a separate card is a fantastic workaround. This card can detail where you're registered or simply include a web address to your wedding website where you've already linked that information. You can easily create these directly from your Honeyfund account!

3. Allow your loved ones to spread the word.

Your inner circle is already a big part of your wedding. Guests will likely be going to them with many questions about your big day, including where you're registered. Make sure they know where you're registered so they can help spread the word.

Wedding Registry Mistakes to Avoid

1. Skipping a registry? Think again.

One of the biggest mistakes we see couples make is not having a registry at all! We get it, it can feel awkward to ask others for gifts. But here's the thing: guests want to celebrate you with something you'll love. A registry takes the guesswork out for them, ensuring they gift you something you want and need.

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2. Waiting too long to register.

Setting up your registry shortly after getting engaged is the move. It's convenient for guests to browse your wish list well before any pre-wedding celebrations.

3. Limiting your registry to just the basics.

Wedding registries are not meant to be a one-size-fits-all! Just because others have registered for housewares, does not mean that you have to. Take the time to think about what you both want as a couple and get creative. Wedding registry etiquette is evolving and it is much more common to register for things like gift cards and cash for honeymoon activities. Honeyfund makes it easy to customize your registry items, ensuring it perfectly captures your wishes and dreams as a couple.

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